What Equipment Can Grind Stone Into Powder

2017-10-30 16:33:17

An equipment which could be grinding the stone into flour called ore grinder, also known as stone grinder, mining grinder, industrial grinder, etc..

There are many kinds of ore grinding mill, what are the main types? What are the characteristics of them? The following Shanghai JIANYE will introduce for customers simply :

Raymond mill is the industry grinding mill, which is used earlier and more widely. Raymond mill can grind the stone into flour ,the particle size is 80-480 mesh. It is suitable for producing various mineral powder, such as coal powder, raw meal, gypsum and other materials.

High pressure grinding mill is a kind of grinding equipment improved by Raymond mill. Maintain the advantages of Raymond mill, while strengthening the performance, make the equipment applicability of materials more widely. The device uses overlapping multi-stage seal, the sealing performance is good, and the effect of dust removal is in line with the national standard. It can be applied to the production of finished powder fineness in 30-425 mesh range of stone powder processing.

Super micro mill  is a kind of equipment, which is having superfine grinding ability equipment. At the same time of social progress, the fineness of stone powder processing is more strict, so the ore grinder should also follow the pace of progress. Super micro mill is suitable for stone powder processing of 325-2500 mesh fineness.

Above stone grinder is common grinding mill machine, of course, to select the stone grinder should combination of the user's practicalities and specific requirement, then can deploy the reasonable ore grinder production line and choose the suitable stone grinder.