How To Configure A Breakstone Production Line

2017-10-20 16:55:32

Breakstone production line is used for producing sand for building, deploying a set of sand production line is not easy, it should be combined with the users requirement and situation, such as raw materials, site condition, capacity demand, investment budget, quality requirements. Then to design preliminary scheme, and communicate with users, until the user satisfy. 


Specific configuration methods as follows:

1.Confirm coarse crushing link. General sand production line of crushing equipment, we choose (head) jaw crusher. Coarse crushing feeders and jaw crushers should be considered as a whole. The throughput of the whole combination directly affects the selection of equipment in the subsequent production line.

2.Second crushing links: The equipment of second crushing links has more choice. For example, we can choose impact crusher to break limestone soft rock. and choose the cone crusher to break granite, which is hard rock. There are many types cone crusher , including JY cone crush, compound spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher etc.. And the hydraulic also can be divided into single cylinder and multi cylinder hydraulic etc.. In production, the choice of second breaks equipment should be combined with the production capacity of coarse crushing links. In principle, the production capacity must be greater than or equal to the coarse crushing process.

3. screening link can take advantage of Sieve grouping, the key of equipment selection is combining site with reasonable layout, the material and the finished can be placed better.

If there are some material not meet the requirement after screening , they should feed back to the second crush equipment to break again, then is send to the vibrating screen by belt conveyor, until meet the requirements.