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    The series of wheeled mobile crushing stations is a mini stone crushing plant developed by Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Co., Ltd independently, which expanded the conception field of coarse crushing and fine crushing to a large extent. The design idea is trying to eliminate all of the obstacles brought by the location, the environment and complicated basic layouts, which is our first priority. We do offer simple, efficient hardware facilities with low cost. It features the strong mobility which can help to reduce the cost of transportation and the flexible combination which means you can design the whole layouts based on the reality so that it is quite convenient for the customers who focused on the convenience and didnt need big outputs. In addition, the flexible combination also offers easy maintenance and reliable performance. You can replace the broken part easily if necessary. 

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    The mobile crushing station includes the crushing equipment?jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher?. The material is conveyed from the feeder to the crushing equipment evenly at first. After crushing, the circular vibrating screen makes a close circuit system for cycle crushing. And the qualified material will be sent out by conveyors as the finished product. Besides, the mobile crushing plant can also be used to conduct a primary crushing of materials without the circulation vibrating screen to produce the finished products together with other equipments.

1.The integration of the whole set of production line: The integration of the whole set of machines eliminates the complicated local layout and accessories installment, which helps to reduce the material consumption and shorten the expenditure of time. The reasonable and compact space organization optimizes the space organization needed by placement and installment, which expands the space for material storage and transportation.
2.The high flexibility: the wheeled mobile crushing station is equipped with a high chassis, which leads to a small radius of turning circle. This brings a lot of convenience to the transportation, especially on the badly rugged road condition near the crushing plant. This saves time for quick placement, which is much beneficial for reasonable placement design and offers a much more flexible operation space to the whole crushing process.
3.Low cost of material transportation: This series of wheeled mobile crushing station is able to crush the material on the site, which removes the transportation step and lowers the transportation cost. In additional, the lengthened equipments even can send the broken material to the specified belt conveyor directly.
4.Direct utilization: The wheeled mobile crushing station not only can be used independently, but also can offer more flexible technique program layouts based on customers detailed requirements of the materials and products to fulfill customers various requirements such as mobile crushing and mobile screening. This makes the layout and logistics transportation more efficient as well as lowers the cost to a maximum extent.
5.Highly flexible organization and adaption: This wheeled mobile crushing station provides customers with a simple machinery configuration for coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening. It can be used both independently and as a part of a whole production line. The flank hopper offers possibilities of various layouts. The diesel generator in the whole set of machines can not only supply power to the crushing station but also can supply power to other machines in the production line.
6.Dependent performance and easy maintenance: The wheeled mobile crushing station can be equipped with the crushers of PE series, PF series or HP series, which makes a high crushing efficiency, a multiple function, and high-quality products. Its reasonable structural design, outstanding performance and dependent quality guarantee all helps to fulfill the requirements of fine, medium and coarse crushing in the widest range. Shanghai Jianye s product enjoys a good reputation among our customers because of not only the exercised techniques and easy maintenance, but also the good suitability for the transportation, the material granularity and the abrasion. The integration pattern results to a more convenient and easier maintenance, a longer durability and a higher efficiency.

Jaw crusher series and the mainframe model:

Mobile crushing plant Vibrating feeder Jaw crusher Belt conveyor   Extended belt conveyor Generator  Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
YG938E69 ZSW-960X380  PE600X900  B650X7M option option 70-150 91.5
YG1142E710  ZSW1100X4200 PE750X1060 B800X9M option option 80-200 134
YG1349E912  ZSW-1300X4900  PE900X1200 B1000X11M option option 150-300 146

Impact crusher series and the mainframe model:

Mobile crushing plant Vibrating screen Impact crusher belt conveyor for screen Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
Y3S1548F1010 3YZS1548 PBF1010 B500X7M 30-275 70-90
Y3S1848F1210 3YZS1848 PBF1210 B650X7M 56-330 128.5-150.5
Y3S1860F1214 3YZS1860 PBF1214 B650X8M 65-586 154-190
Y3S2160F1315 3YZS2160 PBF1315 B800X8M 81-720 210-297


Cone crusher series and the mainframe model:

Mobile crushing plant Vibrating screen Cone crusher belt conveyor for screen Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
Y3S1548Y55 YZS1548 PYB900 B500X7M 50-90 75
Y3S1848Y90 YZS1848 917 B650X7M 65-130 99-134
Y3S1860Y1300 YZS1860 1300 B650X8M 110-455 212.5-220.5
Y3S2160Y1380 YZS2160 1380 B800X8M 140-330 257.5-264.5


Raw materal:

*(eg: limestone, basalt...)

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Output size:

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