Sand grinder
  • Sand grinder

  • Product Description
  • ?Input Size? ?50mm
    ?Production Capacity?15-230t/h
    ?Applications?Mining, metallurgy, chemical, building materials and other powder making industries, the size of finished products range is adjustable.
    ?Suitable Materials?Grinding various ores which Mohs hardness is less than level 7, moisture content is below 6% and non-inflammable and explosive. Example, barie, calcite, marble, limestone and ceramic.
    ?Fit Models?Elevator, feeder, vibrating, and JYM sand milling machine.
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    Sand grinding is simple structure, excellent working capable, reliable working, high efficiency. It is popular used for construction, metallurgy, mining, electricity, chemical etc industry. It is used for cement, cement clinker, iron ore, slag, limestone, dolomite, feldspar, quartz, ophiolite, barite, fluorite, shale gypsum etc. It takes huge profit for clients.  

        One time through the sand powder mill machine, most material is become powder which size is less than 1mm and particles more than 50%, after the classification can have the product size between -1~+0.1mm, and also it is convenient based on the customer requirements. Sand powder mill is rolling on the limestone repeatedly during the process, destruction its internal stress, make the large number of micro cracks in the particle, porosity increased and surface area increased, easy broken after being heated, greatly improves the chemical activity of limestone, desulfurization reaction better and faster. Sand grinding product is concentrate distribution and convenient adjustment of particle size, it make the most of the diameter of the particle concentrated in the vicinity around d50, consistent with the boiler Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) requirement is the best range.

JYM-series sand powder grinding machine in the field

[Classic case] Customer: Shandong 

Material: limestone     Moisture: under 6%

Screening rate: 100%    Capacity: 50T/H

Size: 80meshes

[Customer evaluation] Used to use German ball mill and India Raymond mill, due to production requirement and times of contrast, choose the equipment from Jianye. According the actual location operation, JYM sand powder milling machine is very good product. The device has good stability, long-term spare parts using, low power consumption and small pollution, therefore, greatly reduced the total cost. If there is any branch investment project, will have co-operation with Jianye again.

china Raymond Mill for sale china Raymond Mill for sale

1. The mill structure is simple science. It is upper drive, through the speed reducer to drive spindle rotation, 3 or 4 rollers in loop conical liner doing revolution and rotation. Material from the upper feeder, fall by gravity and upper pushing role in the roller and ring, then formed material layer which is in the roller compacted and become powder. Finally, discharged from the mill discharge port on the bottom, taken by elevator into the grading equipment classification, the fineness powder is the final product, and coarse powder will returns the mill machine. The roller and scale-board is not touching directly, the gap is adjustable. The material layer stressed by elastic device and extrusion pressure between materials. Thus, to avoid the wear from grinding media impact and energy consumption.

2. Sand grinding machine is use medium speed and pressure, continuous repeated to press into powder. Material is from the top of machine, discharge from bottom, grinding and classification respectively. It is very convenient to adjust the product fineness, and enable the system to achieve the best running status.

JYM-series sand powder mill process

It is using sand mill grinding model which is super-fine coarse discarding pre-selection process, it can achieve 30% before material into the ball mill such as iron ore. At the same time, material size is small and ore can fully dissociation, thereby greatly improving the production capacity of the ball mill. In fact, compare with the original process and new technology, the new one can increase the grinding and ore selection system production capacity of more than 70%.



Using ultra-fine discarding pre-concentration technology, it can improve the grade of concentrate from 2% to 10% and the resource of recovery rate between 5-15%. Compare with other fine crusher, sand grinding products with small particle size and have reasonable distribution, better separating effect, large ratio tail discarding and higher mineral processing efficiency.



JYM-series powder mill performance characteristic

1.High efficiency grinding
Large capacity, high crushing ratio
Increase the 80% output compare to the traditional mill with the same power, and stable performance, it can produce 0-5mm mineral material and 3mm-600mashes fineness powder. The best choice of grinding machine for desulfurization of power plant, ore processing such as iron ore, manganese ore and other mineral powder making.

High grinding ratio
Grinding 1.5mm limestone that powder consumption is about 6-10 Kw/H per ton.
2.Lower cost
Low wearing parts consumption
The gap of between grinding roller and grinding plate can be adjusted according to the required fineness of material, the material fine rate can be changed by discharge tube, pressure of spring is also can be changed that depend on the material hardness, the nature friction between wearing parts is decreased, decreased 60% of cost compare with traditional mill, directly reduce the total costs of cone mill.
Low broken-down rate and easy to repair
Daily equipment maintenance only need scheduled refueling, less faults, high rate of rotation. Grinding medium with long use period, it can be replaced conveniently, or resurfacing welding to repair.
3.Low energy consumption of the system
Low noise, environmental protection and saving energy
When the machine is starting, there is no fan-effect, low noise and dust-free. If appropriate ventilation at the bottom of the machine, will be better.
Lower power consumption, high efficiency grinding
JYM-6065 powder mill motor power is only 185Kw, the capacity can be reached 20T-100T which depends on the fineness of the material. The Raymond mill is 300Kw, but the maximum capacity is 10T.
4.Small of covering area
Compact structure
Stable equipment operation, take up small space and easy to install, low noise, low dust, low failure rate and simple maintenance. Long-term spare-parts replacement, reducing energy consumption pollution implemented as users can continue to increase profits and keep the clean environment.
Exquisite appearance
The appearance using conical structure design, beautiful and simple.

Technical parameter : 

Model JYM5055 JYM6065 JYM8085
capacity(t/h) 20-30 40-55 0-80
Feed in size(mm) ?30 ?45 ?50
Production size(mm) 0-5 0-5 0-5
Power(kw) 110 185 250
Dimension(m) ?3.1X4.8 ?4.1X5.1 ?5.1X5.5

Raw materal:

*(eg: limestone, basalt...)

Original size:

* (eg: __mm )


* (eg: __tph)

Output size:

* (eg: 0-10mm,10-20mm )