Super micro mill
  • Super micro mill

  • Product Description
  • ?Feeding fineness? <30mm
  • ?Finished fineness? 325-2500 meshes
  • ?Application?It has been widely applied to produce the super fine powder in the fields like the mining industry, the metalurgy, the chemical industry and the construction materials.
  • ?Materials resolved?It can process more than 500 materials including the feldspar, the talcum, the calcite, the marble, the limestone, etc.
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    This super micro mill is specializing in the production of super fine powder of the fineness higher than 1000 meshes. Shanghai Jianye managed to develop this machine by absorbing the experience at home and abroad as well as experimenting with more than 12 different designs. The SCM super mill is designed to produce the fine powder and super fine powder of the nonflammable and non-explosive stuffs with the hardness below 6, such as the chalk, the dolomite, the kaolin, the calcite, the mica , the limestone, etc. Due to the advantages like the high efficiency, the stability, the high fineness and the environmental protection, this machine is quite popular in the market.


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    The motor drives the main shaft and different turntables through the reducer. And the turntable rotates with more than ten rollers on the ring. The bulk materials will be lifted to the storage chamber by the elevator after being crushes be the hammer crusher. The vibrating feeder will transport materials evenly to the middle of the top layer. Then, materials will be thrown to the brim by centrifugal forces and fall down. When falling, the materials will be crushed, compressed and grinded by the rollers top to down. The centrifugal blower draws the air into the machine and blows the coarse powder, which has been through the three-time grinding, to the separator. The turbine in the machine will make the unqualified powder fall down for regrinding while the qualified powder will be blown to the cyclone collector and then be discharged as finished products. And the air flow, which still carries some dust will be cleaned by the dust cleaner and then be released.

  • High efficiency: With the same finished fineness, the SCM super micro mill has an output higher than that of the air flow mill or grinding mill by 40%.
  • High reutilization rate: For the same fineness and raw materials, the wearing parts of this mill can last for a much longer time than that of the impact crusher or the turbine crusher, which could be more than one year.
  • Good stability: There is neither screw nor rolling bearing in the chamber so that there is no abrasion on bearings or sealing parts, nor the screw loosening.
  • High fineness: The fineness could reach d97?5um for the first time.
  • Environmental protection: The dust cleaner and silencer is helpful to reduce the noise and pollution, which could meet the National Environmental Protection Standard.
  • ?? ??????(mm) ????(?) ??????? ?????r/min? ????(mm) ??????(?) ?????t/h? ????(mm) ???(kw)
    SCM8021 ?800 21 3 235 ?10 325-2500 0.6-4 12.4*2.5*5.8 110-140
    SCM1036 ?1000 36 4 235 ?10 325-2500 0.9-6 14.5*3.8*6.3 220-260
    SCM1250 ?1300 40?44 4 135?155 ?10 325-2500 1.5-12 14*9*10.25 380-430
    SCM1680 ?1680 30?40 4 120?130 ?10 325-2500 3.8-30 26.3*7.5*11.9 600-700

    Raw materal:

    *(eg: limestone, basalt...)

    Original size:

    * (eg: __mm )


    * (eg: __tph)

    Output size:

    * (eg: 0-10mm,10-20mm )