High pressure micronizer
  • High pressure micronizer

  • Product Description
  • ?Feeding fineness ?<30mm
    ?Finished fineness ?325-800 meshes
    ?Application?It has been widely applied to produce fine powder in the fields like the mining industry, the metalurgy, the chemical industry and the construction materials .
    ?Materials resolved ?The nonflammable and non-explosive material of the hardness below 9.3 Mohs such as the barite, the limestone, the kaolin and the slag.
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    This mill assimilates the advanced technology from Germany and Japan. It is derived from the high pressure grinder mill to produce the fine powder particularly. This high pressure micronizer succeeded in solving the traditional problem of classification. Due to this advantage, it is quite popular in the industries like mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, and construction materials where there are big demands for the fine powder. And the fineness of the powder produced by the micronizer can be 500-2500 meshes. This machines is good at grinding the nonflammable and non-explosive material of the hardness below 9.3 Mohs such as the barite, the limestone, the kaolin and the slag.


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    The high pressure micronizer has the same principle as the Raymond mill. There are highly compressed springs installed on the grinder part, which improves the compression between rollers and the ring by 120%. When the rollers are abraded to a certain level, we can try to keep the constant compression by changing the length of the spring in order to have a stable quality. In addition, all of the parts have be upgraded technically to maximize the contact area between the roller and the ring so as to avoid the small particles can be grinded appropriately due to sags and crests. Based on the simulation and calculation of the Bernoulli equation in aerodynamics, we decided to change the geometrical shape, the angle and the relative gap of the classification blade for a better classification.

1.The high pressure micronizer has a wider application field than the air flow mill.
2.Compared with other mills, it can have a bigger compression, which could be 800-1200kg.
3.It is quite energy efficient; it only consumes 1/3 of the air flow mill with the same outputs and fineness
4.It costs only a little but it could make a big profit. With the same fineness and outputs, it only costs 1/8 of the air flow mill.
5.It could handle relatively big particles, and the finished products can be 6.5 um in fineness for the first time.
Model YGM7826 YGM8327 YGM9531
Roller No. 3 3 4
Diameter(mm) 260 270 310
Height(mm) 150 150 170
Ring Diameter(mm) 780 830 950
Height(mm) 150 150 170
Feeding size(mm) <25 <25 <15
Fineness of product(mm) 0.025-0.005 0.025-0.005 0.025-0.005
Capacity(kg/h) 50-500 65-670 100-1000
Power Main 18.5 22 37
Classifier 7.5 7.5 7.5
Overall Longth(mm) 4500 5300 7100
Width(mm) 4200 4100 5900
Height(mm) 5100 5200 7900

Raw materal:

*(eg: limestone, basalt...)

Original size:

* (eg: __mm )


* (eg: __tph)

Output size:

* (eg: 0-10mm,10-20mm )