Prospect of fine aggregate production line

2020-09-09 11:02:33

After decades of development, the domestic gravel industry has become increasingly saturated, and the distribution of material plants is more and more intensive. Therefore, the integration of resources and the construction of large-scale and environment-friendly high-quality stone plants have become the landmark slogan of the gravel industry.


Environment friendly sand and stone production line factory


1? Large scale


The sand and gravel production line with an annual output of more than 2 million tons is basically a medium and large production line. Of course, there are also super large sand and stone production lines - a material plant with an annual output of 30 million tons of fine sand and gravel.


2? Reasonable sand and stone quality, comprehensive products


The quality of sand and stone often attracts the attention of the mixing plant. If the price is well controlled, it should not be a problem to eliminate inferior sand and stone. In addition, with the improvement of construction standards, the demand for fine sand and gravel is also increasing;


The production line of fine sand and gravel should pay attention to the indexes of grain shape and gradation, and expand the product gradient, including high-efficiency mineral powder, asphalt mixing powder, fine machine-made sand, fine aggregate, prefabricated building components, etc.


3? Pay attention to environmental protection


The traditional stone production line always produces a lot of dust and noise. The high-quality sand and stone production line must pay attention to environmental protection. Such sand and stone enterprises attach importance to social responsibility, which can win people's respect and government support. In addition to airtight dust point and dust removal by dust collector, factory type gravel sand making mode is becoming more and more popular in recent years.


4? Intelligent control


The home furnishing industry has been fully integrated with intelligence. In the future, the fine aggregate production line will also have its own intelligent control system to supervise the working condition of each node, which can be adjusted in the control room.


In the future, the market demand of fine sand and gravel production line will increase, and the whole mining machinery industry is also developing in this direction. As one of the members, Jianye company is always paying attention to the new elements of mine crushing.