Advantages and application of new integrated grinder mill

2020-07-29 10:28:20

The new integrated grinder mill is also called integrated suspension roller mill, European mill and 190 mill. The grinding principle is similar to Raymond mill, but the structure of grinder mill has been changed and the details have been fully optimized. It is a upmarket mill series product launched by Jianye company to seize the grinding Market highland.   

190 Grinding mill           

The main thrust type of the new integrated grinder mill is JYM190, the main motor power is 185KW, and the capacity scale is 8-30t / h, and the model with more than 30t / h is also under design and production. After several years of promotion, the number of users of the new integrated grinder mill has gradually increased, and now it has become the second largest business of our mill business.           

The advantages of the new mill are as follows:           

1. The built-in analyzer reduces the difficulty of mill foundation, saves time, manpower and material consumption, and reduces the cost;           

2. Segmented grinding ring can be used several times. Hydraulic roller and grinding roller can be adjusted and fixed to reduce grinding noise;           

3. The surface of grinding roller can be repaired and welded to save abrasion;            4. The spindle speed can be adjusted according to different materials;           

5. The effect of multistage sealing is remarkable;           

The new type of integrated grinding mill is mainly used in desulfurization limestone powder processing, heavy calcium powder production line, desulfurization gypsum powder processing, bentonite, anchoring agent, coating, carbon products and other industries. If you need, please call our hotline.