Medium crushing is very important and the single cylinder cone crusher helps you optimize crushing ratio

2020-05-12 14:47:55

Single cylinder cone crusher is a new type of hydraulic cone crusher. Because there is a hydraulic cylinder lifting and clearing system and locking protection system, which is located at the bottom of the crusher, it is named single cylinder cone crusher. Single cylinder cone crusher has been widely used, and many crusher manufacturers are also in production.

Single cylinder cone crusher can be medium crushing or fine crushing, but the ability of fine crushing is not outstanding, which is not as good as multi cylinder cone crusher and impact crusher. But the medium crushing ability is very strong, which can well cooperate with jaw crusher and cycle crusher, and release the capacity of both (jaw crusher and cycle crusher discharge opening can be opened as much as possible). The materials after single cylinder cone crusher can choose not to be screened, and directly be entry the next section of crushing. There is one screening link can be omitted.

Due to the continuous promotion of single cylinder cone crusher in the market of mining machinery, the usage of single cylinder cone crusher is increasing day by day. It is also necessary for you to know more about single cylinder cone crusher. Its main components are:

1. Upper frame assembly: upper frame, concave, cushion cap, upper frame body guard board;

2. Lower frame assembly: lower frame, lower frame guard plate, lower frame inner lining plate, eccentric sleeve bushing, sealing barrel;

3. Moving cone assembly: spindle, moving cone body, concave;

4. Transmission shaft assembly: grooved wheel, transmission shaft, bearing, transmission shaft frame, small bevel gear;

5. Eccentric sleeve assembly: counterweight ring, eccentric sleeve, large bevel gear, spindle bushing;

6. Hydraulic cylinder block assembly: middle friction plate, lower friction plate, hydraulic cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder bottom, displacement sensor.

Shanghai Jianye company has been making single cylinder cone crusher for many years, with the following advantages:

1. Large production capacity

The design of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher's crushing cavity is reasonable, which is 35% - 60% higher than the traditional cone crushing output. Its production capacity is large, not only one factor, including the reasonable combination of equipment quality, various parts, design concept and other factors, to promote the production capacity of the equipment to be greater, superior to the traditional equipment performance.

2. High efficiency

The design of the main shaft of the hydraulic cone crusher is very reasonable, which can bear a large crushing force and has a high crusher efficiency.

3. Uniform particle size of finished product

After processing, the particle size of the finished material is more uniform, the quality is better, and there is no impurity, which can make users sell at a good price and improve the profit of the finished product.

4. Maintenance is simple and convenient

Because the design structure of the equipment is well sealed, the structure of the equipment is compact, and the maintenance and repair are simple and convenient, the maintenance and repair costs of the user can be saved.

5. Long service life

The single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is made of high-quality materials through reasonable design and manufacture, which can extend the service life of the equipment and save the cost for the users.

6. Comply with environmental protection standards

In order to help the domestic environmental protection cause, environmental protection issues are considered in the design of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. Dust removal and mute are the factors affecting environmental pollution. In order to better ensure the smooth production of users, environmental protection measures for the construction and metallurgy equipment are in place. Advanced dust removal system is equipped inside the equipment. There is no dust and noise pollution at the production site of users, which meets the requirements of environmental protection policies and standards.