Ensuring the scientific and safe?the recovery plan of Shanghai Jianye Company is carried out in an orderly manner

2020-03-23 11:24:20

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More than two months have passed since the outbreak of the epidemic. Schools have been closed, factories have been shut down, shops have been closed, and the stock market has plummeted. All walks of life have suffered varying degrees of losses. Fortunately, the spread of the epidemic in China has been effectively curbed. The number of newly diagnosed patients is less and less, and the number of cured patients is more and more. Therefore, many enterprises have entered the return to work period, especially for manufacturing enterprises.

Although the epidemic has improved, it is far from over. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is coming back to the critical moment, and the new industry should strictly control the epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the government's requirements.

In order to live up to the expectations of users, Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. also applied for resumption of work as early as possible, and was officially approved to resume work on February 26.

And work safely, scientific promotion of production, strict epidemic prevention and stable service become a daily task for the our company

Return to work safely

As a high-quality manufacturer of mineral machinery equipment and a reputable enterprise that attaches great importance to social responsibility, Shanghai Jianye company actively responded to the call of the government during the epidemic development and delayed the resumption of work several times. In late February, the epidemic situation around the country improved, and the Shanghai Jianye company also joined the list of resumption enterprises in line with the current situation.

The application for resumption of work of Shanghai Jianye company is mainly based on the following considerations:

1. Complete the promise to users and guarantee the supply as much as possible;

2. Create greater benefits and bring value to users and society;

3. Take into account the living security of employees and their families.

The resumption of work is certain, but how can it be carried out safely and effectively? After careful consideration, leaders of Shanghai Jianye company applied to the government for special vehicle service, so that the staff of Shanghai Jianye company could return to work safely in batches. In addition, the anti Shanghai headquarters staff will be isolated for 14 days before joining the company.

The special vehicle of government helps the construction and metallurgy resume

Scientific production promotion

The backlog of production tasks caused by the epidemic is force majeure, but the user's expectation of early production will not change. Therefore, Shanghai Jianye Company has been promoted production scientifically to ensure the early realization of users' wishes.

The specific work is as follows:

1.  First, the person in charge of the business shall communicate and negotiate with the users, understand the users' wishes, understand the users' priorities, and reach a better supply and delivery plan;

2.  Arrange production tasks according to the results of communication, grasp the essentials and guarantee the quality;

3. Because workers need to return to work in batches, and some employees have not returned to work, the company suggests that qualified employees can work remotely;

4.  Workers should wear masks during work and try to avoid talking and dining together. There should be a certain distance between work and eating in the ditch.

Jianye factory area

Strict epidemic prevention

Production has resumed, and the work of epidemic prevention has become more rigorous. Since the resumption of work, the leadership of Shanghai Jianye Company has set up a number of epidemic prevention and control groups, which require the responsible person to check the physical condition of employees every day, urge the company's employees to do a good job in anti factory and anti Shanghai health registration, and do a good job in regular disinfection of work area, living area and dormitory.

The details are as follows:

Take the temperature twice a day, register and prevent;

Telephone, air conditioning, public areas daily disinfection;

Employees shall wear masks at all times during work, and those who do not wear masks shall be treated seriously;

The distance between employees during work shall not be less than 1 m, and close contact shall be avoided;

Punch in the card twice a day and be responsible for the company;

Employees are prohibited from taking public transportation to work to prevent cross infection.

The working workers

Stable service

The products of Shanghai Jianye Company include jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crusher station, impact crusher, industrial pulverizer and auxiliary screening washing equipment and spare parts, which can provide one-stop solutions for sandstone processing, mine crushing, industrial pulverizing and construction waste recycling.

After the user has purchased our equipment, the site may need to provide services such as foundation, installation and debugging, regular maintenance and spare parts, etc. Shanghai Jianye Company will try its best to coordinate for the user to ensure that these works can be carried out orderly.

In addition, for some new customers, the established visit plan may be put on hold for the time being, but it is necessary to maintain communication. The sales department and factory of Shanghai Jianye Company can provide real-time production photos of the factory for new customers, so that users can fully understand our company. If there is a visit plan, our company will also do a good job of coordination to ensure the safety research of customers.

In a word, Shanghai Jianye company puts users in mind and tries to fulfill their orders! Finally, I hope the epidemic will go away as soon as possible and all the industries will recover!

Actively organize the delivery after the resumption of Shanghai Jianye Company

Shanghai Jianye Company has been engaged in the production and R & D of industrial mills and crushing machines for more than ten years. Providing high-quality solutions for highway, railway, hydropower and construction waste recycling. At present, there are nearly 30 national patents. Shanghai Jianye Company focuses on the innovation and manufacturing of green and energy-saving high-end complete sets of equipment, only to purify the environment for the society!