The 2018 Bauma Fair is ended and Jianye company will continue to meet new challenges!

2018-12-05 16:03:26

The Shanghai Bauma Fair was ended through 4 days. As an exhibitor, Jianye company felt that the number of audience with real demand for this Bauma Fair has increased. Many enterprises have facilitated orders during the exhibition. In the previous Bauma Fair, there also have hundred of audiences, but the number of orders is very small. In short, this Bauma Fair is worth remembering.

bauma china jianye

1. Simple design with scattered and generous themes has attracted a lot of attention

In line with the previous Bauma Fair, Jianye Company did not choose equipment to participate in the exhibition, but in the design of the exhibition stand more attentive. First of all, the main body is prominent and the surrounding cabinet painting for the mobile crushing station, single cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher and 190 new grinder mill attract attention. In addition, the front desk is designed at the main passageway of Gate 7, and there are auxiliary picture album display desks in the back corner. The middle part is a large negotiation area and rest area. Jianye company wants to create a home atmosphere and the customers can drink tea, chat and laugh at Jianye booth, so it strives to be comfortable and natural. In addition, our factory only needs a one-way journey of about 1 hour. It is very convenient for customers to see the factory which can help the customers see the real manufacturing process and make a more realistic assessment to our company.

2. Enthusiastically welcome customers and solve problems together

Regardless of life or work, the salesmen of Jianye are always enthusiastic and everyone warmly welcome customers. There are many high-quality customers at this Bauma Fair. They have ideas and don't follow them blindly. Therefore, the Sales Department of Jianye company has joined the technical department and the after-sales department to work together to solve substantive problems for customers. From the project master plan to the sieving feeding node control, customers can get satisfactory answers here!

3. Every department should perform its duties and fulfill its responsibilities to achieve good results.

During the exhibition, each person's task is different--- the overall dispatch, the front desk to collect business cards and information, disseminate information, business negotiation, program production, liaison guarantee, and so on. Only by performing their respective duties and responsibilities,it can be carried out successfully. Thankfully, we did it! More gratifying is that Jianye company also got a number of orders during the exhibition, including a set of 900*1200 sand production line.

Although the exhibition is ended, the road of Jianye company is still far away. After a short weekend of recuperation, Jianye will continue the passion of the exhibition and make further efforts. Jianye company provides equipment for sand and stone processing, mine crushing, grinding and powder making, solid waste utilization and other projects, and also has a certain research on crushing and sand making, grinding, construction waste recycling and other technologies. In the past, these industries were extensive and gave people such impressions. However, with the deepening of environmental protection, as well as the emergence of new concepts such as fine aggregates and superfine powders, the process is also constantly optimized. The past design is not necessarily suitable for the present, so Jianye company hopes to provide more higher and newer equipment and processes, concepts and values through more efforts to customers.