Advantage analysis of rubber-typed mobile crushing station

2018-09-28 15:16:07

Recently, a set of 750 rubber-typed mobile crushing station produced by Jianye Company arrived in Huizhou, Guangdong Province by freight?with a total of two vehicles for crushing granite and processing sandstone aggregates.

Mobile crushing station is a kind of mobile crushing equipment, mainly including crawler type and tire type.  While foreign brand tracked mobile stations attract a lot of attention, domestic own brand tire mobile stations are also on the way to rise, winning a lot of applause from the market.

It has been many years since the mobile crushing technology was introduced by Jianye Metallurgical Company and optimized by digital crushing experts. A relatively perfect mobile crushing system has been formed, including jaw crusher series, impact crusher series, cone crusher series, sand making machine, screening station and so on. In addition to the order from Huizhou customers, the tire-type mobile crushing station produced by Jianye also serves for construction waste disposal and gravels processing in Zhou Shan, Zhejiang, Wuhu, Anhui, Guiyang, Guizhou, Tai?an, Shandong and  Ningbo, Zhejiang and has won the recognition of users.


Advantages of tire type mobile crushing station:

Strong mobility

Good mobility is the main feature of mobile crushing station. The tire type mobile crushing station is equipped with a single, double or triple axel, or even more, according to the weight of the loaded equipment when it is running at full load. Under the traction of the truck head, the tire type mobile crushing station can be transported on the highway. The load-bearing capacity of the frame is strictly calculated, and the relevant production qualification of the frame supplier is sound. All the equipment of the tyre Mobile Crushing Station has been installed on the vehicle without disassembly and assembly, and without lifting and dispatching except for the exit.

No resource constraints

The strong mobility of the mobile crushing station also determines that it is not limited by resources and can be quickly transitioned. When resources in one place are used up, they can quickly turn to another resource point.  On the other hand, some projects are located in the mountains, traffic is blocked and transporting sand and gravel from a distance is not worth the cost. It is better to draw materials from nearby for processing, while mobile gravel equipment can follow the project, so it is not so convenient to fix it.

Flexible combination and adaptable

The mobile crushing station basically realizes one function per car, for example, the mobile car of jaw crusher can be competent for coarse crushing, it is possible to process raw materials to fist size, and the impact crusher can be independently applied to the crushing treatment of brick and tile construction waste.  Therefore, the mobile crushing station has the capability of individual combat. However, due to some complicated crushing tasks and detailed requirements of users, it is necessary to combine multiple mobile crushing vehicles.  As such, Huizhou users use two cars to complete the crushing task, mainly used for graded crushed stones made of rocks. If there are many stone specifications and high grain shape requirements, they may also need to add screening stations and shaping and sand making stations. The development of mobile crushing station technology is required by the market. There will be more breakthroughs in the future, and there will be more users in the mobile crushing station of Jianye Company.