2018 Bauma Fair In China

2018-08-28 13:36:27

2018 Bauma Fair will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 27-30 November. As a grand gathering of Asian construction machinery industry, Bauma fair has attracted a lot of attention since its birth, and has become a major focus in the second half of even-numbered years. Bauma fair is expected to have a display area of 300,000 square meters in 2018, attracting about 170,000 professional audiences and buyers of home and abroad from nearly 120 countries.

bauma china 2018

Jianye company is a big fan of Bauma fair. It has been out of control since its first exhibition in 2008 and we attended every time. We will attend this time and our exhibition booth is the 829 booth of E6 exhibition hall.

In this exhibition, Jianye company has a lot of attention. Please pay your attention to us.

Mobile crushing station

First, product line upgrade.

Within two years, the mobile crushing station technology of Jianye company has been progressing, with more and more models and users. Movable crusher also from simple crushing to fine grinding and screening transition. At the same time, crusher columns have been added, including high-efficiency crusher, European version jaw breaking, single cylinder 500 cone, 5145 sand making machine, 1520 counter-breaking and so on. The design of grinder mill have been improved and fully recognized by the market.

In short, Jianye's product line has been upgraded and the market recognition has been continuously improved in the past two years. We will show you in this Bauma fair.

Fine aggregate production system

Second, one-stop solution, boutique sand in action

Single-machine products focus on the effectiveness of the product itself, one-stop solutions focus on the overall process coordination, controllability.

For sand and stone processing enterprises, construction and metallurgy companies launched boutique sand and stone solutions are particularly suitable for them, boutique sand and stone help to improve the quality of construction, but also a higher price, the profit is naturally higher than ordinary aggregate. Jianye's boutique sand and stone solution from the storage - feeding - crushing - Screening - shaping - storage - dust removal, each link has been optimized to truly achieve factory gravel, so that users save a lot of trouble.

In addition to high-quality sand and stone, the construction and metallurgical company also launched one-stop solutions for high-quality powder production lines, construction waste recycling projects, mine crushing projects.

Third, adhering to the new concept and establishing new confidence.

Nowadays, China's manufacturing industry is in a critical period of "intelligent" manufacturing from manufacturing transformation. Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, automatic control technology have been introduced into the manufacturing industry, mining machinery can not be excluded. Jianye company also has some new ideas, such as dry sand, modular crushing sand, industrial gravel sand, construction waste recycling and so on. At this Bauma fair, Jianye company hopes to exchange wisdom with more mining machinery practitioners and promote new breakthroughs in the industry.

As a famous mining machine brand, Jianye company has a large number of users. We thank you for your long-standing support and invite you to sit in our booth and participate in our activities. Many small gifts will be sent out at that time.

E6.829, waiting for you!