The Advantages Of Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

2017-11-07 16:44:05

Compared with the spring cone crusher, the new single  cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is more advanced?SHANGHAI JIANYE show everyone to take a look of the advantages of single cylinder cone crusher:

1.Single-cylinder Hydraulic cone crusher only a single hydraulic cylinder, located at the bottom of the cone crusher shaft, at the same time? take advantage of the hydraulic system of accumulator in over iron protection, omitting the adjusting ring , supporting ring part and spring part which is the part of original spring cone crusher,  make the structure simpler ,operation more reliable.

2.Compared with the spring cone crusher of the same specification, lighter weight. In addition, the structure of whole spring cone crusher use cantilever beam structure, and single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher movable cone use Simple supported beam structure, make the eccentric angle of movable cone's principal axis to become small,  so the hydraulic cone crusher is relatively steep, deep crushing chamber. It is suitable for coarse crushing and middle crushing.

3.The traditional cone crusher needs workers to adjust ore discharge gate, when threaded fit is not normal, need spend a lot of time to correct. If make the iron stuck, often lead equipment to stop production, it's extremely difficult to dispose. The hydraulic cone crusher only need to operate the hydraulic system control valve to complete the adjustment ore discharge gate , under the same circumstances, operating the control valve could control movable cone up and down, reduce the labor intensity of workers and technical difficulty.

4.The single-cylinder hydraulic use seal cartridge structure dustproof, water-tight seal is more reliable. The water-tight seal  of spring cone crusher besides the problem of water supply and drainage, there are oil-water mixture problem, and resulting in poor lubrication of the equipment fault.