Advantages of Double Roller Crushers

2017-09-01 16:39:16

Double roller crusher can be used in ore processing, chemical, cement, refractory materials, abrasives, building materials, coal and other industrial sectors, crush fine, medium and low hardness ore, rock and refractory materials. Among them, double roller crusher, has better effect  than the general crushing machine ,especially in refractory materials and construction waste.

Advantages of double roller crushers:

1. Simple structure, small occupation space, convenient operation and maintenance;

2. The interior is equipped with dust-proof board, which has good sealing performance, avoids the splashing of small materials after crushing, little dust, low noise, and greatly improves the working environment;

3. It can be applied to the grinding of various materials. It has more remarkable effect when dealing with some low brittle materials, and has wide application range;

4. Roll skin can repair welding, durable wear, reduce cost;

5.Equipment height is low, transport and installation easy, relatively small vibration, high safety.