JYM190 Mill In The Iran Site

2017-08-25 16:33:09

JYM190 mill is also called Integral type suspension grinder mill, it is made by SHANGHAI JIANYE HEAVY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. JYM190 mill export to iran successfully in august of this year.

JYM190 mill in the Iran site

Advantages and characteristics of JYM190 mill:
1.Internal speed reducer, compared with external speed reducer of traditional grinding machine greatly enhanced pipe sealing; save more space, device can be installed directly on the ground, and it does not need complex foundation frame. 
2.Inside air isolation ring, more reasonable air space. 
3.Segmented ring, more convenience to replacement.
4.The material of rollers surface can be repaired, lower running costs.  
5.Using double feed inlet, stable material input and higher capacity.  
6.The machine engine speed is adjustable, different material with different speed, apply more widely.
7.The gap between ring and roller can be adjusted,regarding to different inquiry, it can produce different production size.