How Often Does The Cone Crusher Maintenance Cycle For Once

2017-08-18 16:25:17

Cone crusher belongs to the consumption equipment, have the cone crusher serviced regularly is an essential step.

ow often does the maintenance cycle take place for once? Cone crusher is generally divided into minor repairs, repair and overhaul. As it should be, the maintenance cycle is determined on the basis of the actual conditions of the equipment.

SHANGHAI JIANYE collection of information reach the following conclusion.

Minor repairs:

The cycle takes place every half month to one month, and the contents include:

(1)Check bowl;

(2) Inspect the wear of taper sleeve and straight sleeve, and check the clearance.

(3) Inspect the clearance of bevel gears wheel mating;

(4) Check the clearance of drive bushing;

(5) Check the hydraulic device (e.g., the equipment is equipped with hydraulic equipment) and lubrication equipment or replace lubricating oil;

(6) Cleaning of main parts.

Medium repair:

The cycle takes about 4~6 months at a time, and the main contents include:

(1) Replace lining board;

(2) Repair or replace eccentric shaft sleeve, taper sleeve and straight sleeve;

(3) Repair or replace the bowl and dust-proof device;

(4) Repair or replace bevel gear, transmission shaft and bearing bush;

(5) Repairing the adjusting ring and supporting sleeve screw thread;

(6)Take the whole inspect and dispose to minor repairs project;

(7) Decompose the motor, Dust blowing and descaling, and check the clearance of each part's bearing bush; break down the oil switch, Cleaning and handling of defects; adjust and test the electric of each part; check and repair the switchboard and other cable.


The cycle about four years for once, or according to the actual situation. Its contents include:

(1) Repair or replace the frame and the basic part of emerging problem;

(2) Carry out overall inspection and treatment of the medium repair projects, and carry out technical transformation;

(3) Replace the motor stator coil (according to the preventive test decision) and dipping paint; according to the actual situation, decide whether or not to replace the rotor shaft.