The Selection of Granite Crusher

2017-08-11 17:09:16

Granite is an indispensable stone in the construction industry. With the increase of the national infrastructure projects, the demand of granite building stones are constantly increasing, the specifications are also varied.

But granite’s texture is hard, it is more difficult to crush apart than other rocks. So the granite crusher of performance require higher  than other crusher. In the mining machinery industry, jaw crusher, cone crusher are the common used granite crusher.

Jaw crusher pays great attention to select the materials of jaw plate, it has the characteristics of resisting plastic deformation, fatigue and cutting wear. As everyone knows, jaw crusher is primary crushing equipment , The greater the size of the raw ore, the greater impact of the jaw plate, the higher hardness of the material, the hardness of the jaw board also needs to be higher, so the jaw plate needs to have a high tenacity and high hardness to avoid spalling or breaking, cause the equipment cannot run. Good selection also makes the jaw crusher often used for granite and other hardness higher ore coarse crushing operation.

Cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard, medium hardness of various minerals and rocks, It is ideal equipment for large stone plants and mining fragmentation. Granite is high hardness, the service life of the wearing parts is the key to the life of the crusher. All parts of cone crusher have wear-resisting protection, reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, coupled with the unique design of oil lubricating system, greatly improved the service life of the equipment, service life can be increased more than 30% in commonly. At the same time, the cone crusher adopts the special lamination crushing principle to make the proportion of cubic in the stone is obviously increased, and the needle and flake stones are reduced, and the particle size is even.

Granite crushing production line has a large market, the development potential is not to be underestimated. Welcome to SHANGHAI JIANYE consult and know more information about granite crusher.