Six Advantages of JYS/T High Efficiency Sand Making Machine

2017-08-04 16:21:12

There are many types of sand making machine in marketplace. according to the working principle can be divided into: hammer type sand making machine, impact type sand making machine, roller type sand making machine, coarse powder mill; according to the shape can be divided into two types: vertical sand making machine and horizontal sand making machine.
At present, the impact sand making machine is widely used in the market. The JYS/T series high efficient sand making machine is the fifth, sixth generation impact crusher. It has six advantages:
1.large amount of handling capacity and high yield
2.low quick-wear part consume , small cost of upkeep
3.Excellent grain form and good quality
4.easy to use and easy to maintain
5.automatic detection, safe and reliable
6.Thin oil lubricate, automatic maintenance
JYS/T sand making machine can make all kinds of hard rock (rock, granite, basalt, limestone, gravel and so on) and non-metallic ore broken into sandstone which is conform to  building standards, Reasonable grading of sand grains, grain plump..