How to Extend The Operation Life of Mine Grinder Mill

2017-07-28 16:54:56

Mine grinder mill is widely use in different industries , it is the main equipment to make the stone become stone powder. Mine grinder mill belong the large grinding machine and costly. At the same time mine mill is the core part in the production line, if grinder mill has fault, may cause losses. So regular maintenance and overhaul is necessary, it can better extent working life of mine grinder mill.

First, we should ensure the normal working load of the pulverizes. No matter what mechanical equipment can withstand the intensity of work is limited. So grinder mill should not be long-time overload production operation.

Second,  during using, arrange a designated person in charge of the machine, and the operators need technical training. When the operators understand more knowledge about mill working principle, performance and operation specifications, they can better ensure the mill can normal operation.

Third, regular inspect wearing parts. Checking rolling bearings and other components are lubricated, Check the bolts and nuts carefully to prevent loosening.

Fourth, when the operation is completed, the first to stop the feeding, and the mill continues to rotate, until the remaining material grinding clean, then you can turn off the main motor.