Marble Crushing Equipment

2017-07-07 16:29:05

Marble is a common rock, its character is low hardness, easy processing and so on. Marble is generally used in construction, chemical, sculpture and other fields.

 Recommendation for marble crushing equipment:

 According to the characteristics of marble, we usually choose the jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher, and make  a specific introduction:

1.Jaw crusher.
Jaw crusher as a primary crushing equipment, there are an important position  not be ignored in the industry. Meanwhile, It has the characteristic with great handling capacity,simple operation, convenient maintenance, long service life, etc.. Whether it is performance, efficiency, price, or marble material itself, it is ideal primary crushing machine.

2.Impact crusher
The impact crusher usually acted as the secondary crushing equipment in a complete crushing plant. When customers buy impact crusher, a lot of them focus on the quality of the hammerhead. Because the quality of the hammerhead will affect the performance of the whole equipment. The hammerhead of shanghai jianye impact crusher is made of two kinds of alloy steel _ high manganese steel and high chromium steel , making the hammerhead more wear and durable. And the impact crusher has the advantages of higher contents of cubes, high efficiency, east maintenance and low cost.

3.Cone crusher
The cone crusher is good to handle the hard stones which the impact crusher can’t crush. This machine has been widely applied in the fields like the metallurgy, the construction materials, the construction, the chemical industry and so forth. So cone crusher for marble processing is also very appropriate. And the size range of the discharging material can be adjusted, so that the application range of the discharging material is wider.

 Shanghai Jianye is a manufacturer of crushing and pulverizing equipment, which provides crusher, vibrating screen, sand machine and other kinds of marble crushing equipment. if you consult details about equipment, please online consulting or leaving a message.