Daily Maintenance Common Sense of The Cone Crusher Hydraulic System

2017-06-23 16:50:15

Cone crushers are one kind of equipment for crushing and processing various medium and medium hardness ores and rocks. Cone crusher is widely used in mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, building materials, railway, cement, sand stone and other industries. Among  the hydraulic cone breaker is a new generation of stone machine products in the mine construction industry , and it is also a ideal equipment for large stone plant and  mining crushing.

as a production of mining crusher high-tech enterprises, Shanghai Jianye will introduce some routine maintenance common sense of the cone crusher's hydraulic system for everyone :

1, when the user operation, should be strictly comply with the instructions on the instructions for operation, don't Self operation and violence operation;

2, select the correct lubrication oil, pay attention to hydraulic oil types and precision requirements, must be based on the hydraulic system and components manufacturers' specific stipulates and requirements, avoiding different grades of hydraulic oil mixed use;

3, when equipment running, must be checking whether the fasteners are loose, and the parts is not deformation or serious wear phenomenon;

4, before crusher work, the Cone crusher need no-load trial, then observation, if operation is flexible and normal, after that feeding;

5, pay attention! After the hydraulic cone crusher system working condition into a stable, except note the temperature, pressure and sound of the crusher at any time, should also pay attention to the situation of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, reversing valve,  overflow valve and other components , As well as the situation of the crusher of oil leakage and vibration of the whole system.