The Equipment for Processing 200 Mesh Quartz Powder

2017-06-09 15:50:50

What are the equipments for the 200 mesh quartz powder? Quartz powder is unequal to quartz sand, the size is more than 120 mesh is quartz sand, and the size less than 120 mesh is quartz powder.
General run of things, processing 200 mesh quartz powder of grinder mill selection is still more extensive. Shanghai Jianye recommend for customers to process 200 mesh quartz powder of equipment is high-pressure grinder mill. The high pressure grinder mill product size in the range of 30 -425 mesh, it is more suitable for processing 200 mesh quartz powder. May be super micro mill and integral type suspension grinder mill can be used for processing quartz powder, but they are main use in processing high fine powder, processing 200 mesh is put fine timber to petty use.
The material applicability of high pressure grinder mill is strong, except to process quartz stone, can also be processed with barite, limestone, slag and other mineral materials. In ore grinding, high pressure grinder mill is commonly used milling equipment. High pressure grinding models including YGM7815, YGM8514, YGM9518, YGM4121, YGM4528, if you need the grinder mill can online consulting , Shanghai Jianye will on the basis of the actual situation to  recommend for you  a high applicability of ore grinder.