Choose of Grinder Mill

2017-05-26 16:17:12

With the development of times, there are different kinds of grinder mill products appear to people’s eyes. But it is a problem for somebody who is Selective phobia. So the question arises: how to choose the grinder machine?

When to choose grinder machine, we should considerate many factors:

1.The materials. There are many kinds of mill in market. According to the raw materials for processing, mill could be divided into grain grinder, ore mill, coffee mill, feed mill and so on. In this case, the grinder mill cannot be in common use. Such as the ore grinder, it aim at ore and stone. The ore include iron ore, barite, limestone, marble, talc, quartz ,gypsum, bauxite, feldspar, fluorite and other mineral materials. The ore grinder is mainly use as producing industrial raw materials.

2.The yield. Different types of mill, the size is also different, There are experimental, household, mining and so on. And the yield is also different. Such as the mine milling machine of SHANGHAI JIANYE, they are basically large-scale milling equipment, each equipment in the demand for output at least to tonnage units,mainly used in powder processing enterprises or large projects.

3. The price. There is an old saying in China:” The higher (is) the price, the better (is) the quality of the merchandise”. Different mill type and size make the price of grinder mill is different. Such as ore mill of SHANGHAI JIANYE, due to different models, the price can be divided into tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions.