300-400 mesh powder processing equipment

2017-02-16 17:05:16

The powder fineness between 300-400mesh is the more common and more suitable for the initial investment client in the project of industrial milling. The powder fineness between 300-400mesh have large demand in the market. And in the process technology, it is simpler than superfine powder or fine powder, at the same time the equipment selection has more advantages.

In general, the equipment selections to process 300-400mesh powder use Raymond mill, high pressure grinding mill and super micro mill.

Raymond mill——it is the traditional powder processing equipment, and also the commonly used milling equipment. Raymond mill apply to all kinds of powder preparation, such as powder processing raw ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials. The range of product powder fineness could reach between 80-325mesh.

High pressure grinding mill—— it is the improved version of the Raymond mill. High pressure grinding mill retains the advantage of Raymond mill moreover enhance the performance of other aspects, such as more suitable materials, machining range of fineness is larger, higher yield, better effect of dust etc.. The range of product powder fineness could reach between 30-425mesh.

Super micro mill—— it is the powder manufacturing apparatus, which one has the ability of superfine grinding. Super micro mill is applicable for mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries of different materials to process superfine powder. The range of product powder fineness could reach between 325-2500mesh.

These devices are the main mineral processing equipment to product 300-400mesh powder.  However , as a high-tech enterprise production mill——SHANGHAI JIANYE recommend integral type suspension grinder mill.

Integral type suspension grinder mill could process the powder fineness reach in20μm, it is more easy for producing 300-400mesh powder. And Compare with external speed reducer of ladder mill, high pressure grinder mill, and European version mill machine, inside speed reducer is a completely new breakthrough, it  has greatly enhanced interior sealing, greatly reduce space of main body and equipment installation requirements.