The Basic Equipment of Ore Milling Production Line

2016-07-14 16:48:03

We need follow the investigation at the scene or the actual requirements of customers, when we plan the equipment for ore milling production line. This not only rationality, effectiveness and applicability of the design, but also can reflect its wide selection, reasonable matching, reliable quality and high cost performance.

Different technique need different equipments. In order to know the basic concept of the milling production line for new and old customers, SHANGHAI JIANYE should have a Interpretation and explanation for it:

1.Crusher_jaw crusher. jaw crusher is the core equipment in the mine crusher industry. It is the first break procedures of primary operation equipment in many stone processing, and be used in  all kind of soft or medium hard ore. Therefore, jaw crusher is a good choice to crush ore first.

2.feed transport equipment_ bucket elevator and vibrating feeder. Bucket elevator is a transport equipment from lower and upper vertical lifting, and it is suitable for various kinds of sand and powder clay minerals. then, vibrating feeder's main function is making the material into the crusher evenly, in order to avoid feeding congestion phenomenon.

3.grinding equipment _High pressure grinding mill. grinder mill is a essential equipment in the milling production line. and the High pressure grinding mill is the Common milling machine. but, the ore powder fineness is become gradually strict, there are many new type of efficient milling equipment began to appear.

4.other equipment _ powder selecting machine. Powder selecting machine is a Grading equipment of ore powder, it can be effective to collect the fine powder to provide convenience for the final product packaging.