Make a more beautiful city through the recycle construction garbage

2015-03-16 14:57:45

The city beautification should begin on two aspects. The first is the city programming, including the design of buildings, roads, afforest,etc.  And the second one is to handle the gabage in time including the household garbage and construction garbage. So we are gonna take the first step to the city beautification through the construction garbage handling.

The urban construction garbage is the legacy left by the old city reconstruction, and they are transported to the outskirts, exposed on the ground or buried, which are neither efficient ways to solve this problem. Exposure on the ground may take a lot of plough. When it is rainy, there will be a sewage flood. As for being buried, it may cause the soil pollution, even the underground water pollution if days added.

Actually, the construction garbage is the gold if it is in the right location. Although it looks ugly, it is of great value. The construction garbage regeneration aggregates is a quite effective way not only to solve the problem of the construction handling but also to the useful recyclable aggregates, decreasing the mining on the mountain for environment protection.

The construction garbage retexture is indeed a good solution, but how we can apply it. Shanghai Jianye provides the answer based on rich experience.

The construction garbage is a sophisticated part, not like the hillstone, which is easy to process. The construction garbage may have various structures such as concrete structure, brick-concrete structure, timberwork, even the reinforced concrete structure. etc. Each kind of structure has its own properties, so it is non as easy as we thought to process these materials, and what we need is a completely new reasonable project. Our traditional crushing equipment are good enough to handle the construction garbage with the concrete structure, so our mobile crushing plants are quite popular in the concrete construction garbage handling,

Then how about the brick-concrete structure, the timberwork and the hanger plate with pores? We can’t let them alone. So we took the combined extrusion to solve this problem with an improved roller crusher, which could extrude steel bar and wood blocks out and crush the brick-concrete structure. If one set is not enough , we could two or three machines. Then the material will be sent to our new-type conical mill for grinding.  In the conical mill, the concrete can function as the grinding medium, making the clay powder more quickly to be a good cement clinker of great value.

The combined extrusion and combined grinder can handle various construction garbages, which is of great value in the application. Then we will make the process modularization, which is that we will separate the garbage stack, combined extrusion, grinding, screening and the finished products into several parts. We could handle them enclosely to decrease the dust and noise, which is better for environment protection.