Jianye sand grinder specializes in coal cinder and slag processing

2015-03-12 15:15:43

Coal is so richly reserved in China that it is able to accommodate with tens thousands of heat-engine plants, one or two for a town usually. Some enterprises even have their own affiliated heat-engine plants. The big number of heat-engine plants generates amounts of coal cinder and slag, and how to process them is always a problem for us.

When there was no natural gas supply, the coal is often burned to provide warmth and to cook, in which process it may generate big amounts of cinder or coal. And we always consider these as garbage, which will be gathered in garbage disposal plant for burying, which may cause serious pollution to the soil and underground water. Is there really no better choice for us?

These coal cinders and slag are truly useless at first glance, however, they do have their utilities. Coal is formed under the earth, which means the remains of the burning are still sands and stones, along with the some other minerals. Shanghai Jianye is an excellent supplier of mining grinders including high pressure mineral grinder mills, sand grinders, SCM super micro mills, JYM190 grinding mill,  which are all good helpers for garbage recycling.

The high pressure grinder mill has always been our fist products, by which we win the ‘Ten Best Grinder Mill Suppliers In China’. There are various kinds of high pressure grinder mills which are widely applied for the grinding of the limestone, the dolomite, the basalt, etc. and the disposal of gangues and coal ashes. This machine is efficient, environmental-friendly grinding equipment.

Shanghai Jianye is ambitious of achieving a global reputation and spread our products all over the world, making each of our customers a salesman of us for better propaganda.

As first, some customers may doubt about the performance, as Shanghai Jianye convinced them through the perfect performance in trial running. Shanghai Jianye sand grinder machine will be the popularity for coal cinder utilization.