The difference between vertical milling machine and high pressure grinder mill

2014-06-09 10:26:59

The rapid development of China is closely related to the development of all industries, especially the grinder mill industry. Benefitted by national preferential policies, the product was updated for several time, which helps to keep the domestic market booming and achieve a good export volume. 
    Here, the technician will brief you on the grinder mill, especially the differences between vertical milling machines and high pressure grinder mills so that our customers can be more clear which equipments he needs. The vertical milling machine is a quite original product, which is rarely used nowadays with the social development. Nevertheless, we still can see it in steel plants, thermal-power plants and concrete plants, where it can be used to produce coal ashes or gangue powder. It is suitable for the circumstance under which there is not much requirement of fineness and classification while high outputs are needed. All of these make the vertical milling machine suitable for big-scale powder grinding projects. 
    The high pressure grinder mill was finished in modern times, which is also a popualr powder grinding equipment now, which is good for achieving the produced fineness between 80 to 800 meshes, the even distribution of fineness and the output between 5 to 10 tons. It is quite common in the calcite grinding, the kaolin grinding, the dolomite grinding and the marble grinding. There are many high pressure grinder mills suppliers on the market such as Shanghai Jianye. Besides the high pressure grinder mill, we still have sand grinders and super micro mills
    With the above introduction, we can see the clear differences between them. The vertical milling machines is good for the big-scale grinding project where there is not a high requirement of grinding process, while the high pressure grinder mill is good for mining powder grinding, where is a relatively high quality requirement of finished products. Customers could choose the best suitable grinder mills in accordance with their own requirements.