How to arrange the dust cleaning system in quarrying plants?

The quarrying plant is some kind of stomach of a city, which continuously provides the nutrition. The quarrying plant usually works on supplying stone materials, artificial sands. But both of the crushing and grinding process may cause serious dust pollution which could do damage to the health so that a dust cleaning system is needed here.

There are lots of possible steps where raising dust can be generated, including the jaw crusher, the impact crusher, the vibrating screen and the belt conveyor.

The jaw crusher may not generate much dust during crusher while the dust could be generated when materials are discharging from the feeder and collides jaw plates intensively.

The impact crusher is some kind of rolling back air blower; a big amount of dust may leak from the feeding mouth.

The vibrating screen is doomed to be a dust raiser; most of us have been to countryside and seen the sifter for grains. The vibrating screen features its curving motion, which could generate the biggest amount of dust among the whole crushing plant.

As for the belt conveyor, the materials may be blown out during transportation.

There are lots of steps in the quarrying plant, which may all need dust cleaning. Some crushing plant only adopts the spraying system, which is far from enough. We could use both of the iron sheet and the concrete to seal the whole machine. A complete crushing plant should have several crushing equipments, which could entail lots of dust cleaning equipments to cover each machine including the jaw crusher, the impact crusher, the vibrating screen and the belt conveyor. The dust can be collected through the exhaust fan; the air flow only can be exhausted when it qualifies and you hah better make a calculation on the square and the wind power.

It is a priority to control the pollution of quarrying plants and we have to take the issue seriously and promote it.