How to choose good grinder mills without being cheated

With the acceleration of infrastructures and urbanization, there is an increasing demand for powder and sandstone materials and there are more grinder mill suppliers. But there are only a few qualified suppliers among them, and many customers were cheated by the unqualified ones with low price and blandishments. Then how can we get the cost-efficient and high-quality products?

Shanghai Jianye reminds that there are several cautions for grinder mill purchasing as follows. The first one is the factory. When you are choosing suppliers, you have to compare their qualities, after-sale services and reputations in case of the fact you regret for your nearsightedness, which may damage the stable production. Secondly, you have to be clear which kinds of stones you are going to produce. According to the properties and hardness of your target stones, you should choose the most appropriate grinder mill. Thirdly, youd better purchase some sets of quick-wear parts, such as rings, rollers, spades, copper sleeves so that your can replace the broken one if there were one to ensure the normal production and profits.

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