How to disassemble jaw crusher properly?

The jaw crusher is a kind of crushing equipments used in mine, metallurgy, construction industry. Because of its simple structure, big crushing force and low manufacturing cost, it has been widely used in coarse and middle crushing.

Jaw crusher most frequent repair project is to replace its thrust plate. How can we disassemble the jaw crusher properly? First of all, for the connecting rod is the integral of the crusher, the thrust plate must be screwed out baffle bolt. Then disconnect the lubrication oil pipe. After that, hang the thrust plate on the crane hook or other lifting equipment, so that we can release the spring of the horizontal rod. Next, push the movable jaw to the fixed jaw there, thus take out the thrust plate. If you want to disassemble the back thrust plate, you should pull the front thrust plate and the movable jaw together and then remove the thrust plate.

When the thrust plate is unloaded, we can disconnect the oil pipe and the cooling water pipe and remove and hang out the connecting rod cap by supporting the rod. The spindle of the crusher should be taken out together with the belt pulley and the flywheel shaft and the motor belt should approach the rails as close as possible. Finally, we can remove the triangle belt by using the crane to lift shaft. So far, the main parts of the jaw crusher have been removed. Some of the remaining small parts can be easily disassembled.

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