Effective measures for jaw crusher finished products

The jaw crusher is the primary crusher machine in sand gravel materials production process. Now, with the continuous expansion of the scale of mining, mining equipments emerge in an endless stream. Construction and industries often need high requirements on crushed materials, so performances of machines should be raised comprehensively.

The finished product of the jaw crusher directly affects the yield and quality of subsequent processing. Good shape and size is propitious to secondary machines and sand making machines crushing. It reduces consumption but also increases production. Here are some tips about making the jaw crusher product shape and size better. 

1. The factors affecting the jaw crusher product particle shape and size are many, such as materials hardness, composition, discharge mouth size and so on. In order to improve the performance of the jaw crusher, we should select suitable material for equipment to break. We should consider materials hardness, size, humidity, viscosity, etc.. In feeding should be noted that the material dropping into the crushing cavity should not be too much. 

2. Due to long working hours, long-term wear and tear results in by the discharge mouth size larger. If we don’t adjust it regularly, some materials will be discharged without crushing and processing. So the finished can’t meet the requirements. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate specifications of jaw crushers according to the stones and minerals in the actual production, in order to obtain high-quality products. 

3. Whether it is material layer or a single particle crushing, all customers hope that bigger stones could be smaller after crushing. We call that big crushing ration machine. In addition, layer breaking can produce a smaller size. So we should try to maintain a suitable material layer in the crushing cavity to reach better finished products. Select a suitable feeder can also play a very good effect. 

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