Factors affecting the movements of jaw crusher movable jaw

Jaw crusher is a very broad application rock breaker. With the development of science and technology in the field of mining equipments, people have conducted a lot of researches on the problems and improvement, the following is to introduce factors affecting the movements of jaw crusher movable jaw. 

1. The movable jaw features. Under the circumstance of a certain nip angle, crushing effect depends on movable jaw features. If the movement of the lower part is vertical, it can promote discharging. Meanwhile, it will aggravate wear and tear of the tooth plate to some extent. So, in determining the horizontal motion, the general requirements for vertical motion angle should be as small as possible. 

2. Eccentricity. Eccentricity is one of the main parameters affecting the features of the movable jaw. Increasing eccentricity can enlarge the whole movable jaw movement, but the power required for the motor should be raised as well. 

3. Movable jaw hanging height. Movable jaw hanging height refers to the fixed jaw hanging center upper plane to the vertical distance from the discharge port. Reducing the height of the movable jaw appropriately can expand the average motion of the movable jaw, in order to achieve a better crushing effect. 

4. The swing angle. Swing angle also have some impact on the movable jaw movements. In order to ensure the friction between the toggle plate and the toggle plate pad is rolling friction, and extend the working life, the swing angle should not be bigger than the friction angle between the toggle plate and the pad 2 times. 

5. The transmission angle. Increase the transmission angle can increase the effective transfer torque, reducing friction resistance at mechanical load and improving the transmission efficiency of the machine. It is generally adjusted in the range of 42 ° to 55 °.

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