How to reduce the energy consumption of jaw crusher

According to statistics, consumption crushing operations accounted for more than 50% of the total power of the concentrator. With increasing mineral resources demand of metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, roads, light industry and other industries, the first process of material - crushing operations is particularly important. 

As a primary crusher machine, jaw crusher directly determines whether the subsequent processing is qualified. For this reason, the design and manufacture of high efficiency, energy saving jaw crusher is of great practical significance. 

In order to reduce energy consumption of jaw crusher, many domestic and foreign designers have improved and optimize its structure and trajectory: 
1. Improving crushing cavity, such as advanced crushing chamber and smaller nip angle, to increase the crushing ratio and reduce wear and tear; 
2. Improve the mode of moving jaw hanging and sub-frame supporting; 
3. New wear-resistant materials application; 
4. Increasing the level of automation (automatic adjustment, overload protection, automatic lubrication, etc.). 

Above are some improvements for jaw crusher. These realize jaw crusher production capacity increasing and consumption reducing. Shanghai Jianye not only absorbs the advanced technology, but also develops new models of jaw crushers. As a Shanghai high-tech enterprise, we always adhere to the customer to pay.