How to protect your jaw crusher

Speaking of mining equipment, we will have to mention jaw crushers. Jaw crusher, as a kind of rock breaker in the first process of industrial crushing production line, it "shoulder" with great responsibility. Large and hard materials are always broken by it, serious wear is very common. So, how can we protect the jaw crusher?
First of all, to analyze the cause of the damage:
1. the plate abrasion resistance is poor;
2. under the effect of impact and extrusion, the crack and excessive wear phenomenon occurs frequently;
3. the plate structure: easily becomes loose in the work, resulting in equipments forced downtime.
The above are some of the main factors, so in view of the problems, how can we solve them?
1. add the nickel alloy in the plate composition: the plate material hardness is increased after heat treatment. The change of the material prevent plate crack, reducing wear and prolong service life;
2. plate structure improvement
A. increasing the plate thickness: in order to improve the plate body strength and stiffness;
B. changing the wave shape of the plate: improve the crushing efficiency;
C. reinforcing plates by 2 locking block holes;
D. increasing metal area around the screw holes on the underside of the plate, with the great wheel of screw holes edge chamfering grinding, avoid stress concentration phenomenon.

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