Do you know about jaw crusher wearing parts?

Jaw crusher is of high yield and efficiency. As a stone crusher, it is applied for crushing materials in large-scale industrial production line. It can also be used as a stone crushing plant in disposal of construction waste or limestone processing. It is a kind of primary versatile crusher. Generally, it has to face a lot of "tough role," so wear is naturally inevitable. Today, Jianye will talk about some quick-wear parts maintenance of jaw crusher.

1. About tooth plate

Jaw crusher tooth plate, movable jaw and side plate is the easiest to wear. Severe wear will reduce output. We can use exchange two tooth plates up and down. If tooth plate is worn out about 3/5, we should change it at once.

2. About jaw crusher movement axis and eccentric shaft

If shaft wear is small, just need to fix it in lathe turning, making the journal achieve the correct geometry and decreasing bearing diameter accordingly. But after handling this several times, if the size of the original journal decrease is about 5%, it isn’t allowed a re-turning, but should be replaced with a new shaft.

3. How to replace jaw crusher thrust plate

When the thrust plate is badly worn or the front thrust plate is broken, ore crushing cavity must be cleared out, and broken parts should be got out. Next, we should check the movable jaw and the toggle plate and then pull the movable jaw to the fixed jaw, put a new thrust plate and make contact with the toggle plate slowly until the movable jaw clamps the thrust plate clamp.Finally, tighten security cover, connect the lubrication system, and then adjust the size of the port of discharge.

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