How to maintain the efficiency and performanceof the jaw crusher

In the mining machinery equipment, the jaw crusher is usually used as the first step in production process, commonly known as the first break. To break most hard material, we always need the jaw crusher. However, in the long-term use, hard material will cause a certain degree of wear and tear on some parts of the crusher, and even reduce the life of the machine. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of the jaw crusher is essential.

The crusher is composed of many parts. How to prolong the life of crusher accessories? Shanghai Jianye can give some useful suggestions:
1. We should choose the appropriate accessories according to the material hardness and material quality.
2. According to the crushing material humidity, viscosity, temperature and other factors, choosing different suitable crushers.
3, Clear finished product size requirements, establish appropriate solution.
4, Reduce the fines content in the material through the screen.
5, Buy excellent quality accessories.

In fact, the life of the crusher parts is related to many aspects. Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd is an outstanding and experienced crusher manufacturer. We will do better in customers and environment protection aspects.