From what can we improve the liner of the jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, building materials, roads, metallurgy, railway and other industries, which has brought tremendous contributions and benefits for construction.

However, poor working conditions and improper use in the work in some factories results in shaft fracture and crack axis crushed, moving jaw broken and other equipment parts accidents, causing a huge impact and losses on the production line. The reason is mainly because of inappropriate crusher liners and the irrational design of the cavity shape.

Thus we can take some effective meeasures and improvements by researching these two main reasons. There are two basic aspects: one is to find high wear material; another is to determine the shape and structure of the tooth plate reasonably. To speak from the material, the jaw crusher tooth plate is generally made by the ordinary high- manganese steel. This material will produce a hardening surface under the impact of the collision.Not only form a hard and wear-resistant properties but also maintain its own resilience, so it has been widely used. However, under different working conditions, high manganese steel feature will be limited, its crushing capacity and efficiency of the work will decrease, resulting in energy loss and materials waste. With the development of science and technology in recent years, more and more lining boards are made by some new alloyed materials to further the hardness of the ordinary high-manganese steel liner. To speak from the structure, jaw crusher liner is a triangular tooth structure. This structure affects productivity and accelerate the wear of the liner. To solve this problem, the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate are improved. Thus extending the life of the liner , reducing the broken liner consumption.

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