The start and stop of stone crusher

Mining machinery is large machine in equipment ,stone crusher is one of the most important mining machinery .It is very important in start .It might cause safety accidents if with carelessness . So there are some matter which need to Pay special attention, Jian Ye Heavy industry will tell you the attention matter when start and stop of the machine :

1、To check the appearance of the machine with eyes
2、To check the lubrication system and pipes can be used or not .
3、To check the feeding machine and control cabinet and instruments .
4、To check start equipment
5、To check the belt , chain ,motor of belt conveyors
6、To check is there any safety protection device and the situation .
7、To check the function of each parts of the machine
    To check and get rid of the impurity for fear that the start of the machine .

    The workers must do the following matters after work :
1、clean and wash the outer appearance
2、To check the situation of inner spare parts
3、To check and adjust the lubrication and pipes
4、to check the bolts , wedge connection ,closing ring and so on .To install the clear blots ,nuts , gasket ,cotter pin, you should replace the new one for the unsuitable part.
5、To check the belt ,chain ,motor and the connection parts and get rid of the abnormality .

        Good beginning is half success .only the users keep doing better the matter of start and stop with seriously , can you keep the good operation of the machine . Jian Ye Company remind that it will extend the using lifetime and improve working efficiency and high capacity when you keep doing these matter .
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