Investing in a JIANYE Barmac VSI crusher and cones has enabled the Philippineaggregates producerHge Resources to start making a real profit with manufactured sand. The company is currently selling its sand at 40% higher than market price.

Hge Resources is one of the companies producing and supplying not only aggregates and crushed sand for the Philippine market, but also ballast for high-speed railways. Hge Resources adopted a new method to produce aggregate by crushing because the extraction of gravel from rivers was banned, and transporting raw material from the sea escalated the cost by many-fold. The abrasiveness of the raw material is around 1,340g/ton, so it is a challenge to manufacture aggregates from this material.

Improved end-product quality with JIANYE crushers

“The local equipment failed to give us the desired result with the raw materials we were using, so we decided to go with Jianye Barmac VSI crusher.The market buzz about the solution was very compelling,” saysHge Resources CEO Mr. Nager N. Garcia.

The installation of the first Barmac VSI immediately cut the flakiness of the material by half to a mere 20%. Soon after, this positive experience encouragedHge Resources to place an order for JIANYE HST Cone Crusher.The cone crushers enabledHge Resourcesto further reduce the flakiness down to 10% and to increase the overall production, which gave the company the opportunity to earn more.

VSI Crusher

The reduction in the flakiness to <10% changed the course forHge Resources and put an end to the poor response for their product. No customer has since turned down their products, thereby paving a path of success for Hge Resources in the aggregates business. The most surprising outcome, however, was the increase in production, which more than doubled after installation of JIANYE’s equipment. Earlier, the company was producing about 700 cubic meters of sand and about 1,500 cubic meters of gravel per day. But the installation of the JIANYE Barmac VSI and the HST cones enabled the company to double the output. It now produces between 1,600-1,700 cubic meters of sand per day, and it easily surpasses 2,000 cubic meters of aggregates per day.

“The rocks we crush have very high compression strength ? ranging from 121 to 141 MPa ? so machine wear increases the downtime. However, the robust quality and strength of the JIANYE equipment is much better than that of the local machines, we are reducing operating costs by 10% to 15%,” says Mr. Nager N. Garcia.

The increase in production combined with the 0% rejection rate from customers has helped Hge Resources to earn more and to increase its overall profitability by 15%. The company is now able to sell sand at $14 per cubic meter ton, compared to the industry average rate of $10 per cubic meter ton, i.e. 40% more than market price. Even though the local machines were available at a lower price than JIANYE equipment, JIANYE’S solution proved to be more profitable.